13'' Tablets

I have never in my life seen a tablet 13’’ or more. I wish I could see one. I’d say for those who are into the art and the graphics based work. They can make use of the tablet of this type and can use it for the work. And also this can be a good performance for the people who want to game using it. I think a lot of them can make use of the tablet of that size. It’d be definitely fun.

What do you think, is there any chance we can see 13’’ or higher tablet?

Best buy has it, and they are good for someone who doesn’t need a lot of functions. Personally, I am not using tablets at all.

I am thinking for the graphics work. Like say showing the graphics work to the clients so that they can feel good. I just dont’ want the laptop to act like tablets. So that is one more reason I am thinking of sticking with tablets for the showoff type of the stuff. As of now that is not where I am going so far. I will have to check online sites.

Yes, it is good for graphics work. You can do a lot of cool graphics on it and show it to your clients, without bringing a heavy laptop.