2020 Election

The election is winding down right now, and it looks like Biden is going to win it. But, Trump could still potentially win it. I honestly don’t care who wins, as I can’t stand either of them to be honest. You can view the results on Google here - 2020 Election

I honestly don’t care either. Trump, Biden, doesn’t matter. This whole election has been a mess. It should not have ever been Biden. I was rooting for Andrew Yang. He wanted to get a $1000 a month stimulus for each person in the US making a certain amount. I’d gladly take that.

This is a hot topic bro, I have no idea who’s gonna win. I don’t want one more lockdown, I just wanna work my job, and as I can see the things are not good with the jobs at all. We all struggling:(

Yeah, this has been a mess. People actually were throwing away ballots. I don’t know what is going to happen, I really don’t care either way. If Trump loses, it will be a nice break from hearing about him every other minute and people crying non-stop. Biden isn’t all there mentally so I would guess Harris would take over for him within the first 2 years and the Senate will keep her communism ideas in check. I just want it to be done with.

And now we have a president! Let us see what Biden will do for the states. It has been fun having a Twitter president, let’s see how a conservative one will handle the Whitehouse. Let’s see how the democrats handle the helm.

Deep inside my heart I knew that it’s Joe Bidens time now. The people of the United States wanted a change desperately.

Am proud of the bold move the Americans have taken. That shows that America is still a strong democratic state :slight_smile:
Plus, it is a better way of getting rid of Trump compared to impeachment that was earlier pursued.

The elections are behind us now, and I don’t know what to say about it. The situation is not good for our country and all I can see is that communism is coming back in a modern way. I don’t wanna say nothing more because this is a great gaming forum and let’s keep it without politics.

It does look like Biden is going to be our president for the next four years. But we all know Trump isn’t going to concede and will go every step of the way to win the legal case to continue his administration. I guess time will tell, but either way, the uncertainty is what the country least needs during these times.

I don’t know why USA are so desperate about this change of a thing, to my own opinion I think trump deserved a second term in office.

I myself voted for Biden, we need to evolve as a nation, and Biden to me
, seemed as the right choice.