3D Televisions dying off?

I remember when 3D TVs were starting to make a comeback. I think it was around 2009 when it started, mainly with the likes of Avatar and a few other movies. These days it seems 3D televisions are no longer popular. I made a prediction back then, that 3D anything would only last a while, and then it’d go away again. I can see 3D tech coming back again in the next 5-10 years.

What do you guys think?

I think people are now busy with the other technologies. They like to watch movies and music on the other devices like. Laptop or Android phone. They just want to spend their time alone so they prefer watching movies alone than on a TV

The evolution of virtual reality (VR) might’ve been killing the status of 3-D televisions although both are quite similar , it’s just VR is a step ahead.

VR is the new king maker here.

Yes , VR is incomparable , it is an evolutionary invention.

Virtual reality is a step ahead of the 3D television. Technology has really improved, and I hope to have my own work station sooner, where I will be able to develop software inscribed in to virtual reality.