8GB or 16GB or 32GB RAM

I have moved on from the 8GB RAM setups. And moving mostly for the 16GB and the higher configuration. One of my laptop has the 24GB and another has the 16gbsetup. In near future I would like to go for the 32GB setup. And things are pretty good with the 32GB from what I have heard as most of the gamers prefer that sort of the RAM.

Which RAM size do you prefer?

Its depended which Processor you’re using. If you have Intel then recommend at least 2666 speed but u can get away with 2400 For Ryzen processor go with 3000 speed but if your budget is short then you can use 2666

I have both Intel and the AMD for my gaming laptops. But I have found that anything over 16GB is good enough for most of the tasks. I hate to be on the 8GB type of the laptops. I think they are kind of slow down the system. And so it is better to be on lot better specs.

32 gb is necessary in 2021

Now days companies are launching heavy games which required at least 16 GB of ram and we should always beyond it. I think 32 gb rams is enough