A jacket or a hoodie for cool weather?

What do you guys like to wear in cool climates? Maybe it’s hoodie weather, or maybe it calls for a small jacket. Which do you prefer? I often wear hoodies when it gets cold out, or chilly. It keeps me warm enough. But, jackets are great too, but I mostly wear those in the winter season. And I don’t like dealing with zippers.

You should not rely on the jacket in the cold if they get wet then it start smells. A hoodie would better and it can protect you better than a jacket

I tend to enjoy wearing a hoodie or a thin coat or jacket. Nothing too bulky like a winter jacket or anything like that.

Why not? I think it depends on the jackets material. Hoodie and jackets probably smell after they get wet often.

I haven’t worn jackets in years. Partly because I had gained a good 60 pounds :cautious:

I just stick with hoodies. I am working on losing weight so maybe I will feel more comfortable in jackets again when I slim down.