A Slim PS5 a possibility?

The PlayStation 5 is now known as the biggest console in history. It’s a huge console and will take up a lot of space. Do you think this means there is less of a chance for a smaller version at some point? Sony is known for releasing slim versions of their consoles since the PlayStation One, and it’s very likely at some point they will release a smaller console. But, do you think they can make this console smaller?

What do you think?

Yes, you are right, this console is so big and I really hope that they gonna make smaller console soon.

May yes they’ll make it. Since the console is big which mean it can consume more power and requiring a larger power supply with large surface area. I don’t people can afford it

I hope the playstation team have started working on it cos people are really demanding for it.

Yeah I don’t see why they wouldn’t release a slim version after a while, that’s been the trend for them for the last few gens anyway.