Amazon Luna

Amazon is trying to compete with the Stadia. And the cloud gaming is going to be pretty much strong option for the new gamers who want to use crossplay and also trying to make use of the gaming services from the cloud itself. Have you seen the demo of Amazon Luna? What do you think?

There is a twitter thread on this too.


and also youtube demo.

Didn’t even know it was out yet or even close to being out!

I believe it’s still somewhat in beta stages or early access, but I could be wrong. I don’t think it’s officially released just yet though.

I played around with Luna and I prefer it over Google Stadia because it seems to be less problematic, and also will have a lot more going for it once it officially releases. Google Stadia is mediocre imo, it doesn’t deliver what I had hoped. Amazon Luna probably will be the same, but it seems more reliable and doesn’t seem as buggy and messy like Stadia is.