AMD Ryzen or Intel for Gaming?

I know a lot of folks are moving their gaming desktops and laptops to the AMD Ryzen. And the thing is that intel seems to be pretty good option for the budget computing. I have not much seen the intel being better gaming experience this year. But that is just my opinion there is a chance that intel could be a good option too. But I am more or less ryzen fan now.

How about you? Which processors do you prefer for gaming?

I moved from console gaming to gaming pc, and I am really happy with that. I have an AMD Ryzen 9 gaming pc, and so far it is working great, have no complaints at all. Sorry guys, but I don’t like intel.

At this point in time, AMD are the guys to go for. I imagine it wont be hard for Intel to get a few % ahead in gaming again, but their chips have more holes than a block of swiss cheese. AMD don’t have nearly as many vulnerabilities.

Intel have higher clock speed compare to the AMD so for me Intel processor is best for gaming. Ryzen does perform better in multi threaded processes like rendering, Video making, animation. If you want to games with good FPS then go with intel

AMD is indeed going strong with the Ryzen series. And on the top of that RTX combo goes a long way. In fact maximum sales for the gaming laptops these days require the AMD and the RTX combo lately. I think Intel has a lot to catch up in the long run to be honest.

Are you kidding me? Of course, the Ryzen processors are worth buying because they perform really well and you can’t find any other processor to compete with them. The Ryzen perform much better than Intel but there are alot of misleading videos on the internet and they spread lies about Ryzen, try to find a reliable source when you search online. I got Ryzen 9 and it is working perfectly fine and so far it gives a splendid gaming experience.

Well if you’re comparing Ryzen with Intel , it’s more like comparing a Ferrari with a Fiat.

I’ll keep it short here , Ryzen > Intel.

I’d always prefer intel for gaming

In terms of single core performance I think the Intel is ahead of the Ryzen. Because if your sole objective is only gaming then something like the i7 9th or 10th gen processors(unlocked or otherwise) will more than suffice. I have only used Intel mostly so far. Ryzen just once.

If you want to do the overclocking then AMD is preferable choice to go with.

I currently use a gaming laptop with an Nvidia GTX1660 which outpowers my desktop. But my desktop has almost 3 times the RAM and a better CPU. It does however need a PSU to get it running.