Among Us

Anyone here playing Among Us as of late? It has blown up lately and is now hugely popular. I’ve been playing it with some friends and it’s been fun, but chaotic. The idea of the game is basically a murder mystery. 1-3 players will be impostors, while the rest of the players are crewmates. The impostors are randomly chosen, and they are tasked with killing the crew members and sabotaging their ship. All the while, the crewmates are to do various tasks to bring the ship back up to ship-shape order. Crewmates and impostors can call an emergency meeting when a body is found. Once an emergency meeting is called, the living players are required to deliberate on who they suspect is the killers. The impostors need to pretend they’re a part of the crew, so that they can win the game.

It’s really fun, but it can be quite frustrating.

This is actually my first time of hearing the game Among Us. I will surely check it out as its getting very popular. I may not play it much but maybe I’ll try it just to say I’ve played it lol.

I just bought this game on steam for $4.99 + tax. Its late now but tomorrow I will play it with my friends. Let you know guys how was it.

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It came out in 2018, and just became popular. I see so many youtubers and twitch streamers playing it. I guess before this increase in popularity, literally no one was playing it. But now, the game is packed with players.

I’m happy to see a simple, yet good game, get some recognition out there. It’s refreshing!

Guys here is the update on the game.
The game was pretty interesting and fun and you can play it with your friends. If you don’t have friends, you can go online, and then you can wait for a group to play with. I would suggest this game to everyone ?

Is it hard or easy? I have a friend and he says the game is really hard. I don’t know if I want to play it if it’s too hard lol.

Am with you on this one. I don’t like games that will take ages to end a level.

I don’t play it online everytime but with my friends and family. It is a simple easy to play game.

Among us was a trend. It was great while it lasted lol its still great to play with friends