Anime or Manga

I usually prefer the manga, as it goes into more detail, and they have side story stuff.
But there’s a few cases where I like the anime more. Strawberry Panic, for example. The anime makes some of the characters more interesting than they are in the manga.
What do you prefer?

I like Anime over Manga. I just don’t have the patience to sit down and read anymore. Plus, with Anime it’s more of a visual/audio experience, and I always love that.

I prefer anime over manga because of visuals and aesthetics.

I generally prefer anime over manga, because it’s easier to follow. :slight_smile:

I like to read manga than watching animes The reason is they’re much quicker and less time consuming. You can read 100+ chapters in a day, where animes take a lot of time to get the same place in the story.

I always make sure to watch the anime first and then go for the manga. Or vice versa depending on how good the storyline is. I also think the manga can be much better for graphics and art instead of anime. I think anime is only good if they add more graphics and other story wise depth into the story.

I really couldn’t tell the difference until I watched final fantasy and Pokémon, then I got the difference.

Depends on the topic. I prefer manga when some of the stories are good. I like to watch the art in such way because manga art is exceptional too. And also the anime which can be fun to watch every now and then. So both to be honest depending on the story and genre.

I go with manga. The reason is its much quicker and it consume less time. You can complete the 100 chapters in a day