Any good shooters for mobile? (Phone/tablet)

Do you guys know of any good mobile shooters? I’d prefer a first person shooter over third person. I was going to get Pubg mobile, but realize that’s probably mostly 3rd person. I forget, can you make it first person?

Any good fps games on mobile worth checking out?

I think PUBG is the best shooting and high trading game.I never played any shooting games after it.

[]Call of Duty: Mobile
]PUBG Mobile
[]Critical Ops
]Modern Strike Online
[]Guns of Boom
]Battle Prime
]Hitman: Sniper
]Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
[]Overkill 3
[]Dead Trigger 2
]Dead Plague
[]Major Mayhem
[]N.O.V.A. Legacy
]Infinity Ops
[]Shadowgun War Games
]Sky Force Reloaded
[*]Bullet Hell Monday

Android Games, I have no idea for iOS! Cheers

This are all the list I could remember playing, not all but I think 70% of the game listed.