Any Lessons you have learned from playing video games?

Hey you gamer,
What life lessons have you learned from playing video games?

Me, if have learned that life is like a game, and if you hold on tightly to the controllers, you can successfully control all aspect of your life.
Your life is in your hands. You control it the way you see fit.

What did I learn? Hmm, my life is just like in the video games! I’m holding my life controllers with both hands :slight_smile:

I learned that you can get injured playing video games just like you can in real life from playing sports or having a car accident.

Really? Oh my God, I didn’t know that.

Can’t say I’ve learned much in terms of lessons from playing video games. I learned stuff about history and about people, sure, but nothing in terms of learning anything that important. But, I suppose we stand to learn stuff from a lot of games out there, I just haven’t learned in that way.

From Max Payne 2 , I’ve learned to be as ruthless as possible while avenging the harm caused to your family.

I cannot recall a lesson coming from a video game.

Not as such but I do get emotional at times.

Oh boy, I didn’t learned nothing :frowning: I feel stupid now :frowning:

Patience , Strategy, time pass .

To obtain a lesson you need to understand the game plot rather than to be in pursuit of completing it. While playing the COD series , I understood that it isn’t easy to be a soldier at all , you need the will to sacrifice everything for the sake of your country.

I learn a lot from COD, don’t trust your friends, they can be your greatest enemies in the video game and also in real life