Anyone fan of Max Payne ?

Anybody here who played Max Payne ?. I am a big fan of this game and i spend my all day to finish it. My most favorite is Max Payne 2 what about you guys did you play it and enjoy the game ?

I am a fan of this game and played all the series when the 3rd series come out i played it and finish it in a week. I missed the original style, especially the comic scenes,

MP 3 is far better than the previous series and worth your time. It’s got some changes, but most of them are for the better but keeping what people love about the series intact

Glad to see there’s still some player who played that game

No, all the series is good there’s nothing special with the MP3 since they include all the material which is already in the MP2.

Yeah bro loved Max Payne 3 . Really liked shooting while diving in slow mo in it.

Given that I was disappointed by the third edition of the Max Payne edition, I still will say that the first two parts were amazing.