Apple music on Xbox?

Will the new Xbox consoles let you use Apple music to listen to music on it? I assume you would need to be connected to the internet for it to work.

I’m not sure but I can almost assume there may be some type of app. Not entirely positive. I will however say that on Xbox One right now there is actually an app called spotify that allows you to play music while your playing Xbox. It actually isn’t half that bad.

Sure you can with AirServer

Open the App Store on your iOS device.
Select the Search tab.
Type AirServer Connect using the on-screen keyboard.
Install AirServer Connect.
Open AirServer Connect.
Select Scan QR Code.
Allow camera access once prompted.
Scan the QR Code on the Xbox One app. This will ensure your Xbox One is discovered as an AirPlay device and quickly pair the two devices.

yes I just have been using Spotify so far but I have both Spotify and Apple Music.

Okay I will try this thanks!

I’ve been using AirServer Connect and successfully using apple music on XBOX. You should try it too. If you face any problem during installation then you can PM me i will guilds you