Apple or Samsung

If you guys had the budget would you choose Apple new iPhone or Samsung S series? Do give your reasons

@John.Billings definitely with Samsung galaxy S xxx, because you get powerful smartphone for less money ?

Samsung all the way , it’s economical and way better than Apple if you’d ask me?

I think Apple products are far better than android. The reason is they never stuck. I’ve been using IOS from a year and its never regret me. I can open tons of app without lagging and stuck.

I can’t afford apple in any way. It has higher amount of expenses. It also takes a lot of time to get the repairs done considering most of the parts they import from china. And if we compare the amount of expenses with the samsung vs apple. I’d say that Apple is a bit costly and not worth using as well. I’d definitely go for the samsung for long term.

Apple is a restricted phone. I use both but most of the things i do in Samsung as it is easy to use.

I will prefer Samsung, based on interest and likeness, i prefer Samsung products to iphone.

I will choose Samsung S series over apple product. Samsung is an Android phone, and it can perform so many functions at a time. Running cost to maintain Samsung phone is low compare to apple products.

I would surely be picking “IOS” over “Android”. I don’t mind restrictions in apple and enjoy features like Siri , back camera, display and sensors etc.

i think apple because its cool

I’ve been using Apple product from a years and i can say its better than Android system. It never stuck in gaming, streaming, browsing, While android take a while for his next step. They’re not cheap compare to the android products but good in performance

Talk about budget then i will surly go with Samsung. But if you want good product go with the apple

yeh same, Apple products are to much expensive so people often chose the Samsung products. I am also one of them i go with the Samsung when i out of my budget

I am now faced with roughly the same question. I just don’t know what to choose to be honest. I recently sold my ipad, which I was very happy with. But you know, I’ve never owned a samsung, although I really like their phones. I would probably choose Samsung just out of curiosity.

Apple 12 pro owner here. I never try any other brand except apple. Why? I have no idea bro, I don’t have any reason to switch on Samsung or any other android.

Samsung. I am not a fan of Apple phones at all and never have been. I am using Xiaomi these days but if I could afford one of the new Galaxy phones, I would likely go back. The price is what put me off and the batteries tend to be horrible on the Galaxy phones.

I think value of money wise the Apple devices and the apple ecosystem in general seems like a good. As for the samsung. they have some of the issues with their models and their products are not that consistent. So it’s kind of apple winning the overall race these days.

I prefer Samsung S series, they are budget phones with very good specs. IOS, no it keeps you restricted. The amoled display of Samsung is the best.

Both are good in their own ways if I’ve to answer my own question but Android gives you access to multiple stuff unlike IOS.

im an apple fanboi but id love to try out the new s21 ultra