Arcade centres

Do you like going to arcade centres? are there still any open where you are? Sadly they are becoming more extinct. Theres a really cool arcade place here called The Rec Room that I like to go to every once in awhile.

I used to go there with my friends in a high school, but today not anymore. But we do have arcade game centers here in Chicago.

Naw the only time I go to an arcade if a sports bar or a movie theatre has a mini arcade. I don’t think we have any actual arcades left here.

Yes , arcade centres are actually getting low in number whereas modern gaming zones are taking over.

They are vanishing altho they shouldn’t.

I still go to arcade centres to experience nostalgia.

I kind of feel Arcades are vanishing into history in today’s era & they’ve been shut during this whole COVID-19 situation too. The last time I visited one was on my 16th Birthday, which is 4 years ago now. I want to take a walk down memory lane as soon as restrictions are eased.

Here in Pasadena , we still have some arcade centers , they’re still going on somehow or the other.

When I was 10 years old , I used to go to my local arcade and play Tekken 3 . Those Paul punches.