Are Chromebooks worth it?

I’ve been hearing a lot about Google’s Chromebooks. They’e essentially laptops that have a Google OS, and use the chrome browser. You can’t really install many apps, but they do have the Google App Store, so some apps will work.

I like Google drive a lot, and you could pretty much do school work with these type of computers. I don’t see a point in buying a chromebook at this time. I like my gaming, and I don’t think Chromebooks are good enough for gaming. Maybe streaming, but not gaming.

What are you planning to use it for? You won’t be able to do much in terms of gaming, streaming, etc. I mean, you can stream media on chromebooks, but it’s not the best experience. You can’t use other programs aside from the ones available through the Chrome web store or the app store.

Chromebooks are great for, school and writing, or general usage. I wouldn’t use them for much of anything else though.

Chromebooks are meant for the users who are not computer savvy and just want to use the computers for checking the mails. So there does seems to be an issue for those who want more than browser from the computer. I would never buy the chromebook. It is mostly consumers device more than creators or gamers. So chromebook is not for me.

Nope, because as you already said we can’t play the games or doing streaming, it’s a weak computer for us. But can be useful for something else, school, writers, etc.