Are Crypto miners jacking up prices?

I noticed a pretty big increase in the cost of graphics cards and other PC parts and I have to wonder if this is down to the increase of crypto miners or just the result of the market being so dry right now because of COVID and shortages. I feel like it might be a mix of both but surely at this point, it is less about COVID and more about miners. Thoughts?

Demand is higher than usual because covid19 has made many people worldwide unable to pursue their other hobbies, so they are gaming more and some of them want to upgrade their gears to get better gaming results, and because covid19 supply is lower than usual disrupting manufacturing and shipping of components up and down the video card supply chain.

Yes the BTC and the ETH miners are the one who are causing the issue of the CPU and the graphics cards prices going high. And there is not much we can do about it as of now. I hope that things change and we can get normal prices back again.