Are scalpers still an issue when it comes to getting a PS5 or XBSX?

I’m hearing that scalpers are still making issues when it comes to getting the new gen consoles. The PS5 is the toughest to get right now, as scalpers seem to focus a lot more on it. But the Xbox Series S and X are also having similar issues still, though they are much easier to come by I hear.

Anyway, do you fear scalpers will keep at this? Or will they start to slow down soon?

They are and will always remain one of the biggest issues we have when it comes to getting our hands on our favorite latest consoles. Although, gamers add to what they do as well by patronizing them.

I have never purchased any console from scalpers and I believe that once gamers stop buying from them, their business is going to die a natural death.

This is something that gamers need to work towards because it’s the only way to get ahead of what these scalpers do.