Are you a completionist?

Some gamers would go to any length to complete the games they get into, even if it means paying to win and complete the game.
Are you that kind of gamer?
What do you like and hate about them?

I would never pay to win a game or complete the game for any reason whatsoever. In fact, it’s not a must for me that a game should be completed as long as I have my fun with it.

I’m not a fan of completing things at all :smile: I just go and play another game :smile: Wait, I finished all GTA V game. I can’t wait for a new release!

Seriously, if you are forcing it to complete games, it’s going to add more pressure in your life and make the game more frustrating for you whenever you play.

The only way I can get to be okay with being a completionist is if I’m a game’s collector which means that there is more to my gaming than just completing the game.

It’s my brother that’s set up with the completionist attitude towards his gaming which I always tell him that it’s not something healthy to play in such manner.

Well, the sooner he gets that, the better for him. He’s more likely going to enjoy his gameplay more if he stops playing like that in my opinion.

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All I can do is give him reasons to change his ways and approach to his gaming and it’s all his decision to make alone.

It really depends, if it’s like an Elder Scrolls type of game I will never complete it, but if it’s like Prince of Persia I am going for a complete everything. The difference is that Skyrim is more fun if you just explore and complete whatever you want, while the other one is more of a must-do this.
So yeah technically I ain’t a completionist :smiley:

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@Shole it’s what you get from most open world games that are made well. Just like Red Dead Redemption 2 and even The Last Of Us Part II, they are so good.

I really enjoyed playing The Last of Us Part I and Part II. Even though I’m yet to complete the part II, it doesn’t matter to me because I love it so much.

Agreed it’s fun to play such games, and even tho I didn’t play Last of Us 2 now I am curious and would love to try it :smiley: