Are you buying first shipment of PS5?

I have noticed that a lot of people are pre ordering and booking the first shipment of the PS 5. I personally think I should wait for 6 or so months to see any device performance issue and then order the new upgraded hardware. Most of the refurbished one are not bad either. But buying 2nd or 3rd shipment makes sense to me. I may consider that for buying the playstation 5.

What is your opinion on buying playstation 5?

I still have my PS4 and it is still in very good shape, but also I am considering to buy PS5, the digital edition, but not now bro, first I said that I am gonna wait at least 2 years, but now who knows, maybe in a couple of months :slight_smile:

I see buying ps5 right now as a waste of money, i still have ps4 and it is in a good condition, maybe when am tired of ps4 i will get it.

I am way out of budget to buy the new ps5, I guess I just have to wait till the price reduces before I make my move hopefully the price will reduce this festive season.

I didn’t bother, I agree it’s always good to wait so that launch day issues or the overall manufacturing process can be refined. Plus, it leaves time for more games to be developed, so you’ll arrive at the console with a bigger library than if you bought day 1

I know a lot of people who went out of budget and it was not easy for many people to work with the low speed of their shipment. I think it is okay sometimes to have issues with their PS 5. I think PS 5 sales would take a bit spike once this corona is over and economy turns normal.