Are you okay paying $70 for a new game?

More games are coming out priced at $70, and I’m not a fan of it. The fact of the matter is this. We know they’re just going to charge you more for microtransactions and other such things. But, why is it that they have to charge an extra $10? Like come on. The industry is already banking on loot boxes and such.

I think it just comes down to greed. That’s all.

It’s already highway robbery in Canada, they upped it to $80 awhile back. As-is, I never pay full release-day price. I wait for stuff to go on sale.

I’d be ok with this if some companies weren’t going to do it on top of the game being riddled with ads and microtransactions.

If it’s like a Collector’s Edition or something, it’s fine with me. But if what you’re referring to are the standard physical and/or digital versions of the game, then no. I’m not comfortable coughing up that kind of money, regardless of whether it’s a triple-A game or not.

I personally don’t care. In Canada, we paid $90 for games