Baddest Villian in anime

Who do you think, who is the baddest evilest villain in anime?
For me, it is Ophelia, from Claymore.

No one can rule out Blackbeard of One Piece from the list.

Light from The Deathnote , Light Yagami.

Broly is the Baddest animes character/Villain from the Dragon ball Z. He is like a crazy guy with craziest power. I still remember i watches the movie with my brother and all the hearos ( including Goku, Gohan, Vegeta ) Tried their best to kill him. But he was unbeatable and unhittable. He almost killed all the heros but at the end Goku defeat him

Yes , Broly was like the Thanos of Dragon Ball Z.

I think aizen from the bleach anime sounds like a strong character. Also the Jiren from the DBSuper sounds like pretty strong character. But all comes down to what you want to see. Some people prefer magic power and some prefer physical one.

Madara Uchiha was the baddest villain for me from Naruto Shippuden.

Meruem from Hunter X Hunter But it seems I really have to watch Monster now.

I always liked Cell and Frieza in the DBZ show. I would also say Vegetta, but I count him as a hero as he goes on. Cell and Frieza are just fun bad guys, and I enjoy both of their season.