Batman: Arkham Asylum

This game was released on August 2009 and it won the game of the year award. Steam gives it a 10/10.

It was a fantastic game indeed, the plot, the visuals, it was a complete package.

I agree. The storyline was really good, the gameplay and the graphics are very good. This game is great for any Batman fan!

The dark knight involve me with this and it is my favorite childhood game. I played it many times and i know all the story. I still want to play it hope i get some times to enjoy it again

It’s one fine game.

Great game at the time. Not necessarily revolutionary but it set a goal at what it wanted to do and achieved it.

All the accolades it received , were totally deserving. It could’ve been a strong competitor in game of the decade award.

Enjoyed it a lot , totally deserved the award.

I just love watching the game on YouTube…it is really great