Benefits of playing RPG games

I found this on this website:

I did not know about these benefits for playing RPG games. These are definitely good benefits especially the one to practice social skills.
[]Improved spatial reasoning skills, particularly for female players.
]The ability to establish new friendships and practice social skills. This can be particularly helpful for people who feel awkward or lonely.
[]Increased empathy toward people with different lifestyles or appearances. By adopting a new persona, a player may be able to learn what life could be like for another person.
]Developing strategy and critical-thinking skills as players develop complex solutions to ongoing challenges.

Games in general are great for critical thinking, Multi tasking and dexterity.

RPG games are good for the mind, body, and soul. In some RPG games you can create your own adventures, you can improve your social skills, can make you more creative, but they are also good for exercising your mental and physical talents.

I play SIM city to improve my knowledge in some places like fishing and having conversation with other Sims, I get to do alot of things I don’t try in reality.

What I like about the RPG game is the quest and the amount of the exploration you can do. Also if the RPG game has the story then you can definitely make use of it to change your mood. Better RPG stories can make your experience fun too.