Best gaming record software

I am starting my new gaming YouTube channel. I need a software which can record my game play without dropping the FPS. Any recommend ?

Windows 10 has their own build-in record feature. Just press ALT+G to start recording, no need to download any software Chill

Sad to say i don’t use Windows 10. I have windows 8 and i don’t think there’s any feature on it, that’s why i am asking for the software

Really?, C’mon its just an out dated Windows better to move on Windows 10. Anyways if you want to record or stream the video i recommend you to use Shadow play. and for live stream OBS would better

Hy Thanks for the good advice. I am not sure about the live stream since i don’t have a good CPU. I will Shadowplay only for record thanks

For your kind information, These videos may contain high size. If you’re recording in high quality then you have to care about the size too.

I am using XSplit Broadcaster. You can get 12 month license for $59.95 or lifetime for a $199, but you gonna have all their premium apps.

I use Bandicam. If you decide to use the free version, there will be a watermark in your videos and the recording is limited to 10 minutes. The lifetime license which removes these limits costs $39.95

How is the quality? Bandicam vs XSplit Broadcaster

I’m using Bandicam too, and can’t complain. So far so good for now. Also the license is not that much expensive.

Have you tried Elgato 60? It is the best for recording. But you need to have good hardware if you wish to avoid losing FPS. If your hardware is weak, you may loose like 30% FPS. But Elgato is still good, you videos will still be sharp.

OBS Studio is a good option as well. And it allows you to set up overlays, graphics, alerts and all kinds of stuff. You can use it to stream to pretty much every platform out there.

I am with XSplit, and so far so good, and for the video editing, I am using iMovie, simple, and easy to use.

I make use of the camtasia for 1 hour of gameplay. There is also OBS which is easy to use and also you can use it for record and streaming the game to the twitch and the YouTube. You can also make use of the Microsoft’s gamebar. You can make use of the recording feature which would definitely help you with the game streaming and playback export as well.

I use Fraps software to record my games. But i use handbrake too for shrink its size, since fraps records in high fps and resolution which increase the videos size in GBs. OBS studio is another good software for recording and live stream but i prefer fraps more

I’m using OBS recording software only. I tried bandicam, and xsplit but OBS is my favorite.

I use Bandicam for good graphics with low space videos. Don’t go with Fraps it eats your space like hell and usage of rams.