Best Grand Theft Auto Game?

What would you consider to be the best Grand Theft Auto game? For me I always go with the likes of Vice City or San Andreas. I also like GTA IV and V, but they aren’t as important for me. So, I think San Andreas is my favorite of the whole lot. What is your favorite?

Yeah, San Andreas is the best ?

San Andreas definitely!

San Andreas is my favorite. I never tried any other than SA.

I would still have to say grand theft auto V since the graphics are better. In my opinion that’s just as good as it gets for a GTA game. I did actually like the mechanics of grand theft auto san andreas but in my opinion graphics made gta V a better game.

Gta Liberty City was the one and only game i ever played in that series. I spend hours playing it on my PSP.I always manage helicopter for ever mission

Just look at the timeline of GTA Versions in the video below. It just shows you how far technology and game graphics have come. My choice of the best grand theft auto would be GTA V.

For me it was vice city and GTA V . Enjoyed and played them alot.

Vice city was my all time favourite but I think I am loving the new GTA 5

I think GTA V is better.

gta v all the way! i can play this game all over again :slight_smile:

Gta 5 is the best game for all gamers. You can see better graphics and awesome tools, vehicles, and missions. I love to complete missions without cheats

For now, it’s definitely going to be GTA 5 for me. I can’t see anyone that’s been released before GTA 5 that’s better.

In my opinion, I think that after San Andreas, it’s GTA 5 for me when it comes to their best series. Let’s see what GTA 6 is going to offer when it’s out.

Rockstar have already announced that the development of GTA 6 is underway. I saw the update few days ago and I’m really happy about it and looking forward to it.

GTA 5 have shipped over 140 million units and it’s going to increase. It shows how far gamers are really into the game.

Are being serious right now about the game having sold over 140 million units? If that’s true, then it’s an incredible accomplishment.