Black Screen after overlock

I friends i just overclocked my Processor and now nothing is appearing on the screen. Everything is black. I can hear the audio sound ( Windows welcome screen ETC )
[IMG width=“256px”]

Just undo it, it’s mostly happened in overlocking cases. By the way, tell me your PC Spec and PSU

How do i undo the process ? i am new in overlocking so i don’t have any knowledge. I am using i9 9th generation Processor with 3080 PSU

Where’d you Overlock it ? From the bios or windows ?

Windows, I watched the videos from YouTube but unfortunately its not work like i thought

Open your PC case and unplug the GPU turn it on and wait for the botted, shut it down and plug the GPU back

Still facing the same problem, I am getting worried and gonna cry :frowning:

Don’t worry, You can reset the bios by manually. There’s a jumper on the mother board just remove it from my pins with screwdriver

There’s no PINS/Jumper on my mother board also I went back into the bios and changed the values manually too

I think you don’t have any jumper on your motherboard. By the way, you can still reset the bios by removing this Cmos Battery

Maybe try to clean the CMOS battery? It might restore the BIOS and get back at default config