Blaster Master

Did anyone play this game? I remember playing it as a kid. Basically it was this action 2D game where you drive this vehicle and can get out and back in whenever you want. Your movement out of the vehicle can be faster depending on the location, and can help you access certain areas. I never beat it, as I ended up losing my copy. Though, I think someone may have stolen in. :frowning:

Anyway, any fans of the game? It’s for the NES in case anyone is wondering.

Just seeing the name it self makes me want to play the game! This game was for the NES? I might of played it since I had a NES when I was young but I can’t remember.

It’s a really fun game. It’s kind of a hidden gem of a classic.

[IMG width=“206px”] [IMG width=“208px”][IMG width=“172px”]

Those are cool pictures of the game. Brings back memories of myself playing this game!

How did I miss this game? I’ve never played it but now I want to! Is there any digital versions of the game available?