Browser Based Games

In past the flash was being used as one of the popular game framework for the browser. A lot of gamers made use of the browser based games with the flash. But now that last year Flash was announced as dead. Now the browser based game is now mostly done using the HTML 5 technology. And so the browser based games are less resource hungry and easier to play. I often play such games on the Miniclip.

Do you like browser based games?

Yes, I remember Miniclip begging me to download the flash player. Those were the fun days as I recall them now.

Can we consider this game as browser game ? lol. Well i don’t play browser games except this offline dinosaur game
[ATTACH type=“full” width=“334px”]227[/ATTACH]

LOL, you made me laugh, seriously it can not be consider as browser game its just an offline game

That is a browser game too but it wont be qualify for the online game because it requires your Wifi disconnected to play the game. I was referring to the Miniclip type of the website for playing the game. I think there are a lot of such games but it helps if you can play them purely on the chrome or the firefox.