Business board

Hey guys, I have a proposal for you. What do you think about adding a business board over here? I know that this is a gamers forum but also maybe we can share some business ideas here. Cheers!

Hey @Wsj
Thank you for your suggestion. It is a very good idea. We will definitely talk about this.

Sounds ?

Oh yes, give us a business board :slight_smile: let’s talk about the ?

I wanna see it too @AllGamers
Give us a business board :slight_smile:

Hey gamers, where is the business board?

Hey @Vito , the thread is here but you need coins for it :slight_smile:

Oh boy, so i have to pay for it?

No bro, you have to participate more and you gonna have more coins in your bank :slight_smile:

I got you bro!

@Vito I am gonna give you access for free, but please participate more :slight_smile:

If anyone else needs it, let us know in the comments below. Thanks

Thanks mate! I appreciate it and i will participate more ?