Buying a new or used car?

When it comes to buying a car have you ever bought a new car? Can you afford a new car? I can definitely not afford a new car so I just buy a used car when I need a car. Here you can get a decent used car between $2,000 and $4,000.

The car of my dreams will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if I wait to buy it new. I wouldn’t mind buying an ex-Japan or something. Provided it is at least not older than 10yrs with a decent mileage of course. Am a frugal person, i don’t just buy what is on the shelf, i dig deep!

Since I am still in my studying phase , it’s hard to think about even getting a car.

I’d myself prefer too buy a used car. Buying a new one is not budget friendly at all.

Well , I’ve bought a used one in half price of the new one,

I agree with that! Even some used cars are not even budget friendly. People try to make their money back as much as they can when they sell their car.

I guess it is more of a personal opinion, but if you can get a well maintained second hand car with not so much mileage on it, it is a good bet compared to a new car that can be overly and unnecessarily expensive.

This is true. It doesnt make sense actually buying a new expensive vehicle when you can get a good used one that will still serve you for long.

I myself am a fan of buying used cars given that I don’t own any vehicle as of now.

I’m always for used cars first, because when you buy a brand new car, the same second you already lose let’s say 10-15%, and in that way, you are losing your hard-earned money.

If you can afford a new car then go for it, but if not then find a well maintained car.

I’m buying used cars always because I don’t wanna lose that much by the years. I paid my car $7k 3 years ago, and I saw on the CL that I can sell it for $6k. The 2013 year.

A friend bought a used Jeep 2008 for $3500 and Tom cruise bought the same car but a brand new one for $300,000.
Tom cruise sold his while my friend is still using is. My point here is, how can Tom just waste that kind of cash on that kind of car.

I prefer new car to used car if I can manage to buy it. But If I can’t afford new car, I will prefer to go for used car. We should all spend according to our Pocket value.

Well, you can save some good portion of money by buying a used car instead of a new one. Better you get the car checked by a car mechanic before buying a used one.

I propose a used car but conditionally comfortable than a new one because I’m a money saver expert.

I will prefer to buy a new car , because it will be guaranteed that it will not be having any kind of issue.

I have never owned a new car and honestly do not see the point in buying a new one. Soon as you drive a new car off the lot, it drops in value by 5 grand or more. I think it is fine to lease a new car but when it comes to buying, just find someone who took care of their car, like a single-owner car and you will have like no issues. My car is a 2014 Sonata and the previous owner bought it new. The car runs perfectly and will likely last a good 10+ years with regular maintenance and care.