Buying battle filed 3 ? Is it still worth ?

I love to play shooting games and i now i am thinking to buy battlefield 3 games. I know i should try battlefield 4 because there’s much players on it but i seriously don’t like it. What you guys think is this game still worth to buy ?

Its all depends where you live. I live in aria and all the servers are dead here.All the server which has some reliable ping are empty. I suggest you try something else or move to Battle field 4

I live in America and is there European servers? what’s the maximum ping do you get any server under 150 pings or 200 ?

Yeh there’s EU server but as i said i live in Asian region so i get 200+ ping there. I am pretty sure you’ll get lower than 70 ping in that server

Its worth but there’s no community left. Most of players move to battlefiled 4 due to updates and high graphics performance. Anyways in bf3 you’ll find many European side server but the community is less

Thanks for your reply. As you said there’s many European servers but i don’t see any. If you don’t mind can you please post a list of screen shot here ?

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Battlefiled 3 is out-dated. It doesn’t matter if you like BF4 or not you have to move it. I stopped playing in BF3 server after BF4 and i am sure you’ll soon get bored when you see nothing and empty servers

Battlefield 3 is not a bad choice if you feel like you love the game, I still play halo 3 even after the 4 came out, it’s all for fun.