Can you connect two webcams to the same PC?

I want to stream soon, and I have a webcam and everything, but I want to sometimes add a friend along to the stream. I was wondering, would it be possible to get a second webcam set up so we can play on the same stream together? I’d love to give it a try one of these days.

Yeah you should be able to. I know people who have connected multiple webcams to one PC, and used that to keep watch of their home. And I know some streamers have to use multiple webcams so that everyone is viewable. It may cause some latency issues, but shouldn’t be a major problem.

sure here’s the link

Yes, sure, if you your webcams use USB, you can connect them to the auxiliary USB port. Another way is to use one webcam and another extra video camera. That way, you will have both working at the same time without issues of drivers conflict.

Yes, it is possible. There must be plenty of ports to get your webcams connected to your PC/Laptop.

I have never seen such before. I will have to try and see the outcome. Thanks a lot for these information.