Chance of a bigger sized Switch?

Do you guys think there will be a bigger switch released? With a 4K console likely on the way, do you think we’ll end up seeing an even bigger switch? Maybe up a screensize? Or maybe they will release a mini switch, where it’s more handheld than the Switch Lite. What do you guys think?

Do you mean for the handheld version/end?

I can’t imagine they would make those bigger. They want to keep it compact and portable. I think that they should consider adults play on the console as well and at least offer different sizes for that reason but I highly doubt they will.

Chances are low for the Switch to get increased in size. However , it’s too early to say.

Great idea tho! They should do a bigger screen for sure and leave controllers as is, because if they do bigger controllers, how do we gonna play then? Maybe I’m wrong, have no ?