Cheese or no cheese?

Do you like having cheese or no cheese when you have a burger? I usually always have cheese on mine.

Cheese burger is my favorite plus I always add bacon

of course without cheese u can’t imagine pizza

depends on the cheese ???

Bacon makes everything taste better doesn’t it? You always gotta have cheese and bacon for a burger pattie!

I like cheese on the top of my burger!

I agree with you, bacon giving a special taste.

In a pizza , yes. In a burger , no.

I do like cheese, specially in burgers and pizza.

The cheese has to be warmed and melted on the burger for me to enjoy it the most.

Yes , cheese is likeable specially if you’re not lactose intolerant.

I love cheese either it’s in the pizza I am having or the Mac & Cheese burger from the McDonalds.

Unfortunately my stomach doesn’t work with lactose which is present in cheese, so no cheese.

I like cheese pizza without it there’s no taste on it

I like cheese only with Burgers and sandwiches.

I like cheese so much that I eat it often, so I prefer cheese burger.

I prefer cheese, it is proteinous, and it will help to build warm out tissue in the body.