Coffee or Tea?

i drink ginger tea to keep me awake while studying and to calm me down :coffee:?

I drink tea. It runs in my family as my dad is British. I tried coffee a bunch of times just could never get into the taste. I have two cups of tea each day.

Coffee lover here ? Italian espresso coffee ?

coffee >>>

same here but always cold coffee

Tea is my thing here, Put a cardamom or two in it.

I like both of them. Tea during summers specifically and coffee throughout every season.

I can last a whole day of working, given that I take black coffee in morning.

Tea doesn’t do anything at all. Coffee is where its at! Gotta have coffee to get the boost.

Coffee contains all the caffeine one needs.

Tea is equally a stimulant. Just not as strong as coffee.
Due to the time difference with my clients, I usually work late at night. I usually alternate between coffee and tea at the ration of 1:2

That makes the two of us, am a teetotaler with a strong affinity to coffee than tea.

I definitely prefer drinking Coffee instead of Tea. I’m not too fond of the Taste of Tea, although I do enjoy drinking Lipton. Coffee gives me a boost throughout the day and contains all the caffeine I desire.

I drink both but I drink coffee cold and tea hot. I prefer iced coffee and frappuccinos over hot blends. As for tea, I mainly only drink green tea. Occasionally I will have white tea.

Frappuccinos sounds interesting. How is it made? Any similarity to Cappuccino?

It must be made from the frappes fruits I guess. Someone should share the recipe, i would also like to try it out.

It is the same thing as a cappuccino, just done with blended ice. There are also ones that are made with milk and fruit syrups as well. I don’t drink those. I like the coffee ones myself and that is it.

Boths! I usually drink more coffee than tea, but I like to drink tea sometimes. My favorite tea is cinnamon apple.

Well flavoured tea for me , vanilla and chamomile is a great and refreshing combo for rough days.

Tea any time anywhere.