Who likes to cook? Whats the best dish you can make? I love to cook. I can make a mean delicious good lasagna.

@Spikey I like to cook ?‍? I’m pro in Mediterranean kitchen! Seafood is my specialty ?

i can make only noodles :frowning:

I’m all right at cooking. I know how to make Grilled cheese sandwich really good :smiley: I need to learn how to cook better.

i can cook cereal ?

Since I make my breakfast on my own , ergo I know how to make an egg sandwich and a cup of tea.

That sounds good! You should learn how to make omelettes, French Toast, chocolate chip pancakes. They are very yummy.

Well that’s a big list to cover yet I’ll give it a try.

I can only cook instant noodles if it counts.

I can cook plenty of things , thanks to Youtube.

I don’t cook! Am the lazy type! But i love eating a lot! Favorite meal is rice & minced meat. No spices!

I really like to make different kind of burgers, steaks and basically any kind of meat.

That is great! I envy you, because i am lazy at cooking. I wouldn’t mind learning how to cook lasagna!

I would love to know how to make burgers. I eat them a lot at KFC, but have no idea how they are made!

I was never into cooking myself and I regret not learning how to at a younger age. I feel like the things I should know how to do in the kitchen and don’t are laughable. The shame of it now is that I do enjoy cooking but I don’t know how to cook very many things.

I love cooking, but it’s finding the time to do so. I work unsociable shift patterns, and sometimes I’m not home until 21:00-22:00, and the last thing I want to do is cook. It’s definitely a cheaper alternative to eating out or ordering in takeaways…

I enjoy cooking on weekends , I can cook lasagne , the greatest Arabian dish ever.

I can just cook eggs and make noodles .

I wish I could make this, especially burgers, am a big fan of burger from childhood

I am not a cooking fan at all , yet I can cook a few dishes.