Crash Bandicoot 4

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I just found out there’s a new Crash Bandicoot game! I have to get this game eventually as I love all the Crash Bandicoot games.
Anyone else going to get it? It’s suppose to release on Oct 2,2020.

Woah! I had no idea! Thanks for mentioning this @Xman I’m a huge fan of the Crash Band idiot series I will habe to add this to my collection and play it. Less than a month away!

That game is so fine looking, have to play it :slight_smile: miss the old times at ps1 and ps2

It is! I’ve been watching videos of it on YouTube and reading reviews on Google. Do you have the Trilogy series? Or did you have the games on your ps1 and ps2?

I thought they were done making Crash Bandicoot games. Good to see this game coming out soon! It will be a big hit I’m sure.

The level plan looks great here, and the situations are obviously excellent. I actually don’t care for Cortex and Coco’s plans, yet it would seem that it’s generally quite legitimate, with a few fascinating new mechanics.

Yes Cortex and Coco is definitely an interesting twist but it should still be very exciting especially with the new mechanics.

Me too! I thought they were done making those games as we haven’t seen/heard of anything about it for years. Glad they are back!

When ever I’ve played Crash Bandicoot I always get stuck at the hardest part of a level and then it takes me forever to try and beat it.