Did your friends ever return games they borrowed?

Whenever you borrowed games to a friend or family member, how long did it take for them to return them? Did it take them days, weeks, months, or never? I’m sure we’ve all borrowed out games that never got returned to us, or took way too long.

Did you ever get into a fight because of it?

I have few of my games to my friends but they didn’t returned . After some time I also forgot about it.

This is a good question @AllGamers , I used to borrow video games to my cousins, but you know how it is, you stopped playing that game and you forget about it. What can we do, nothing bro. God bless!

Well one of my friend borrowed Call of duty game and then he lent this game to a friend of his who just moved away from town. I was devastated and stopped letting my friends borrowed anything from me

I used to lend games out to my friends before but have stopped doing that because they either return it spoilt or they do not return it and that causes some burst up sometimes

In past it was hard for me to get the games from them. But after some time when the situation financially improved a lot of them decided not to borrow. And they have been purchasing their own as well. I think if we set the record straight it wont be hard for them to take something and not return at all. That sort of the situation sucks.

I could remember 2005 I borrowed my psp to my neighbor next door, then I decided to go get it after 3 days but to my surprise, they have moved out…end of the story