Diddy Kong Racing

Who here kind of prefers Diddy Kong Racing over Mario Kart? The game has kind of a cult following, and some claim it’s better than some of the Mario Kart games. I kind of prefer it over Mario Kart 64. Probably because my friends and I used to play it for hours on end.

Ah yes good ol Diddy Kong racing. Did they rip it off from Mario Kart? That’s always been a bit of a debate. Although its a cool game I think I’m on the other side and prefer Mario kart over it.

Incredible game, it’s an Classic N64 game. I love to drive around the city, however back in days i found some reviews that Mario Kart 64 was better than Diddy Kong Racing. I thought i should give a try to this game later i realize all the review were fake. This game is actually awesome

Yeah, it game is pretty awesome, I played it back then with a friend, maybe for a day, but it was really interesting.