Difficulty too easy?

Have you noticed that some games the difficulty isnt hard enough, even on the hardest difficulty setting? What are some games you have played where you found the difficulty was too easy?

Yes , that’s true but you should master easy difficulty first before upgrading it to medium or hard.

I always like a challenge, but not until it becomes frustrating. A game that was too easy would be pretty hard for me to continue playing for a long time

I like to start the game with medium difficulty in order to challenge myself.

I start easy and go extreme.

I usually go from medium to extreme settings when I am more comfortable

No, but I always would start from the easiest challenge method rather than dive straight into the deep end. Then, if it’s too easy, I know that there are a couple more game modes to try. If the hardest one isn’t difficult for me, I try my best to enjoy gaming.

I like to play on medium difficulty as it gives the not so easy and not too difficult vibes to me.

I start with easy and then move with the medium level of difficulty. I think difficulty adds fun and also it can be fun as it makes you move the game a bit more seriously as well. So on that note I prefer the difficulty in the game and it’s lot better.

I think god of war is the perfect definition of what you are trying to say, I have finished it countless time and played various difficulty level, they are pretty the same