Do you eat healthy?

I feel like I am on a split. I enjoy healthy food. I could eat salads every day even but I tend to eat junk too. I will eat a good healthy meal most days but then I ruin it by eating something like donuts. lol I am working on getting better with it though. Today I managed to not eat bad but the night is young.

Do you eat healthy meals, snacks, etc.?

I like to eat vegetables , yes , that counts in eating healthy. I also like junk food , since Thanos said " Perfectly balanced ,as all things should be".

I prefer eating junk food, but I understand it’s no good for me. Everything in moderation and maintaining a balanced diet is the key to success for a healthy lifestyle. I try and incorporate a mixture of 5 fruit or vegetables everyday in my meals.

Yes, I am trying to eat healthily. The problem is that even if you want you can not eat healthy every day. My favorite cuisine is Italian/Mediterranean cuisine.

I really enjoy eating healthy food. I avoid eating junk food but not more then a week, but still trying best.

I eat healthy to the best I can, especially vegetables and fruit which are packed with nutrient that help to maintain healthy body system.

I’m trying to eat healthily but Nutella gonna kill me :slight_smile:

I try to eat healthy as much as possible but I think it is not easy and also becomes harder if you are planning on keeping some sort of routine in and out and could not keep up with those things and changes locally.

I eat very well. Most of the food I like to eat most are vegetables, fruits and milk juice. Sometimes I prefer roasted meat and chicken.

I do eat healthy for an average person, I do take a lot of protein and junk food every now and then. Like the chicken wings doe

Junk food are not that healthy, they provide empty calories and supplying little or no vitamins, protein or minerals needed for daily diet

Who told you that, junk contains lots and lots of calories, I wouldn’t advise a model to try it if you know what I mean.

A lot of people take junk food day in day out and am sure you do take junk food on a daily bases, you just don’t know.

Its good to eat healthy but like everything its all about balance. I exercise to eat healthy but I also exercise so can enjoy non healthy food now and then.

Weekends are reserved for the junk food whereas the weekdays are to eat what mum has cooked.

I’m at least trying. I’m trying to eat soup 3-4 times a week and to have vegetables at any my contact with food :smiley:

Well I want to eat healthy food but in the end I tend to go for junk food mostly cheese and bacon burgers. Although I also eat Vegs but in a smaller proportion as compared to my burgers.