Do you ever lose interest in gaming for long periods of time?

I’ve been gaming my whole life, but I feel at times that I just have no interest in playing it anymore. Have you ever gone a long period of time without playing any games? Lately, I don’t game as much as I’d hope to, and I feel like my gaming habits are the main reason as to why my interest in gaming has waned a bit.

If you play a single game for a very long time they seem boring and you may lose your interest in them. The reason may be that you don’t find them challenging, your interest changes, the gaming trend shifts towards an other game. To avoid these I play different games from time to time.


Well said. You can’t play one game again and again , even if it’s multiplayer.

I’ve lost intrest in gaming completely. I’m 19, I have around 7k hours playtime on csgo only and now i dont even look at it :frowning:
it was fun while it lasted

We all need some kind of rest from everything, not only from playing the games. This year, I took 4 months off from playing games and social media. Now, I feel much more better.

Yeah, I’m on my vacation now. So, I’m on a long :pause_button: now from playing the ?
But, this is good guys, we all need to reset ourselves sometimes.

Yeh it happens to me every months. I lift my heart from games and start playing something else and come back to where I left off when I feel like playing again.