Do you game every day?

I normally do. I tend to leave it for a Friday afternoon and play it on the weekends. What about you guys?

Not at all, on the weekends only. I use to play every day, but not anymore since I have my full-time job.

oh boy, everyday of course :slight_smile: my parents gonna kill me because of that, but I cant help myself.

Depends on what I’m currently playing. Right now I’m enjoying Sims 4, and I play that daily. :slight_smile:

Not that much let’s say 3 times a week. I use to play a lot before, but now I have my work bro :slight_smile:

Yes, every single day after I finished with my online school.

No not everyday. I play almost 4 days a week. Almost 5 hours a day. This routine seems to work fine for me.

I am a gamer , and there are no days off when it comes to gaming.

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If I really have the time with less schedule, gaming is the only thing that keeps me going and not feel bored. The good thing is that I play on both mobile and consoles.

There is probably 1 day in the month where I don’t game, usually, I play every day, even if it’s on mobile like TFT(team fighting tactics) or just Heartstone for a bit. But usually every day :smiley:

Just like today that I only managed to play two games since morning till now. I had a busy schedule today, so it affected my game time.

I would say I avg 10-20 hours a week. I have a full-time job and I don’t have that much time for gaming. I am curious, what games do you play that hold your attention?

It’s only on Sunday’s that it’s mostly difficult for me to get some game time because of lack of time to do so. Going to church, doing my laundry, hanging out with friends.

I don’t have any specific days when I would be absolutely certain that I’m going to miss playing games. It’s all down to my schedule to decide that for me.

It’s very true what you said about one’s schedule affecting one’s decisions on when to be able to play games and when not to. It’s happened to me as well.

Just like this morning, I’m very chanced to play and I have already played a few friendly matches in Top Eleven Football Manager game I play on mobile.

That’s interesting to hear that you play Top Eleven Football Manager. What level are you playing now in the game? What’s the biggest bug you have experienced in the game?

I think that I should be in level 73 right now. I have played the game for almost 5 years now. Do you know about TANKING in the game?

What is TANKING in Top Eleven Football Manager? This is my first time of hearing that strategy or gaming technique that’s used in playing the game …