Do you guys play fortnite?

Hi guys, do you play fortnite? If yes, on what device? If you are playing on PC are you playing with the keyboard and mouse? I’m playing on my PC but with the ? also what season did you start?

Hey @Ivano0411
Currently, my favorite one is Scum but I’m playing the Fortnite too. And I’m playing it on my ps4 and also I tried to play it on the switch. I think that playing it on PC with the keyboard and mouse is pretty hard ? for me

Yes, I’m playing Fortnite too, on my PC but with ps4 controller. To be honest with you, I didn’t even try to play with the keyboard and mouse, I just switched my ps4 controller to pc.

I’m playing Fortnite, yes. On my ps4 console. I never tried to play it on the PC.

Heck no I stay away from Fortnite. It’s not my style.
You guys should play each other in Fortnite!

I’m playing it, but I’m not very good at Fortnite. If you want we can play as a team.

Yes, I play. I’m not very good at the game, but I learn and develop to become a better player each day. I wouldn’t say I like the building aspect in Fortnite; it’s very unrealistic.

I don’t like the concept of the game due to which I don’t play it , also it doesn’t sync with reality , the other thing that I don’t like about it.

Yes, I love to play Fortnite actually, I’ve spent nearly 100 $ on V-bucks as well.

Yes I have played it before, I used my computer but I never really liked the game, I just don’t like the way the players move on the game and how you get to create a wall or stairs with just picking up or cutting down a tree.