Do you guys take the video game awards shows seriously?

Do you guys take the video game awards shows seriously these days? I used to enjoy watching them back in the day, but these days I feel like they’re pointless. Especially when Spike TV used to do the game awards, they would ruin it by having celebrity cameos and dumb comedy sketches. At least in recent years they’ve just made it about the awards and new game reveals. That’s how it should be.

What do you think?

They have video game awards shows? Where can I find this? Online? When do they happen?

I am not into video games award shows. Games shouldn’t be of that worth.

Nope I have never watched a video game award show. If a game has won tons of awards I still might not like that game so it wouldn’t matter to me.

Me too never will I watch a video game show. I would rather spend my time playing games than watching a show on it.

I take video games quite seriously but not to the extent of watching their award shows.