Do you have any friends that are a part of an esports team?

I have a friend who is trying to get into esports, but he has yet to form any teams. I would love to see him achieve that goal, but I don’t know if he’ll get there. He has asked me to actually join him, but Idk If I could handle the pressures of being an esports gamer. The pressure to win would be way too high for me.

Anyway, do you have any friends who are a part of an already established esports team? Or maybe they started their own team?

I don’t know if this counts as exports but I do like to play sports video games online sometimes against random people to challenge me. Sometimes I whoop them.and sometimes they whoop me ?

None that I know of. Although I’ve got many friends in local teams, but none competing internationally

I don’t think so, all my friends are just regular game players.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any friends that are part of the esports team. Currently, esports is a profitable business. If you are a really good gamer, you should try to get into it.