Do you have multiple copies of one game?

I used to have a huge collection of games. But I sold most of them off. There was a time where I had duplicates of a lot of the games I owned. I would use these games to trade or sell for other games I don’t have. But, currently I don’t have more than one copy of the games I currently own. Do you guys have any duplicates in your collection? What are your plans for the duplicates? Do you keep them? Trade/sell for other games?

The same situation here bro, only one copy in my video game collection.

The only game I have multiple copies of, is Hitman: Blood Money. I have a copy for the PS2, Xbox 360, and have it on PC now as well. Other than that, I don’t have any other copies. And I don’t have duplicates of the same exact game for the same console.

Not at the moment. At one time, when I was transitioning from the Xbox 360 to the PC, I had obtained GTA V for my PC while still having a copy on my Xbox 360. Playing the title on a different platform, sure did take some getting used to.

I have 3 copies of Fallout 3 and New Vegas. if any of these got messes up i can get an other

I have boxed copy of 1st two games of the serious sam series. And now the digital copy of those games is something I own. So I am pretty much owning multiple copies of many old games too. I guess a lot of money got wasted like that.

I had a duplicate of the halo 2 game back in the year 2008, I traded it for $5, I could remember needing cash to by this new shoes I saw.