Do you like how often Fortnite changes?

Fortnite has been around since 2017 I think, and has changed a lot since day one. They have gone through multiple seasons already, with new skins, emotes, changes to the maps, world and even the gameplay mechanics. Do any other games even come close to how often this game is updated?

I am pretty sure that Fortnite is the most updated game ever. Season 7, new locations, new weapons, new skins, battle stars are back, they added aliens & ufo, cosmics chests, and much more. This is really great game and I like every new update.

Compared to when it first released, there was a lot that changed in Fortnite for the better. They’ve been on a roll these past few Seasons and with the implementation just having to use one Fortnite account to play in all of the platforms that it’s available on, I understand how it reels in a lot of players.

Just let it go and enjoy the game. You don’t need to know every detail of every release. While knowing the map and the weapons helps it’s not essential.

Yeah, it keeps Fortnite interesting. If they didn’t update it with new things often, people would get bored of it very fast. Them changing things up, always brings people in.